Three Spanish Air Force personals injured in the grenade attack early this morning in Djibouti, which killed three people and injured at least 20. Spaniards were having dinner at La Chaumiere, a downtown restaurant in town, along with soldiers of other nationalities when two Somali threw grenades and blew themselves up using vests carrying explosives.

The Spaniards wounded are: 1st Sergeant Manuel María Copano Lorenzana and ends 1 Manuel Veiga Lopez Mateos and José Miguel Hernández. The first of these, the most serious, underwent surgery last night at the French military hospital ¨ General Bouffard ” shrapnel wound in the abdomen. His condition is stable within the gravity, while the ends have 1 minor injuries.

A Hercules aircraft from the Air Force with a medical team took off at 4:30 in the morning to repatriate the injured, expected to arrive tonight. The three were part of Task Force Orion Air Force, equipped with a P -3 maritime patrol aircraft, integrated into the Atlanta mission to combat piracy in the EU. The rest of the Spanish personnel deployed in Djibouti is located and is fine.

Among those killed in the attack is a Turkish citizen, in addition to the two bombers. The wounded German and French in addition to Spanish. Suicide attackers, a man and a Somali woman, threw grenades and triggered explosives vests they wore. The woman entered the room, but the man at the door exploded, so the explosion reached pedestrians. Foreign soldiers who were inside had no time to react.

All suspensions lead to the Somali group Al- Shabab, Al Qaeda vuinculado. On Saturday, the Islamist militia attacked the Somali parliament in Mogadishu, where four policemen were killed and seven terrorists. Djibouti holds a small mission of the African Union to combat Al Shabab in Somalia and the EU is in Djibouti Somali military contingent. Djibouti also hosts the largest bases in France and the U.S. in Africa.

So far, Al Shabab had never acted in Djibouti, strategically French former colony at the bottom of the Red Sea. Although over the last year there have been several warnings, they have never come to fruition. This time there was no warning attack and restaurant frequented by foreigners, there had security measures.