The European elections have devastated the French political landscape. The first victory in a national election National Front in its 52 year history has placed the socialist government and the conservative opposition in a situation of extreme weakness, and France in the black hole of a continent ravaged by the crisis and the inability of their leaders and institutions to democratic and social responses to the Great Recession. Emergency meeting this morning at the Elysee, the French government has ruled dissolve Parliament and call new elections, as called last night after sweeping Marine le Pen in five of the seven constituencies and achieve 24 seats of the 74 who chose France. The National Front won Sunday in 71 of the 101 French provinces.

Manuel Valls, the Prime Minister has promised in the RTL radio that the government will lower taxes, personal income tax and specifically, to counter the advance of the far right, but has said that it will not change the road map laid. When asked about a possible early elections, Valls said: “This is the lady who suggested that Le Pen. Should we get off the car, stop, dissolve and favor the extreme right is done with the reins? We can not add to the crisis of identity and moral crisis in France clutter elections in a country that would be unmanageable. “

On Sunday night, after learning the election results, Marine Le Pen Valls recalled that had been used to fund during the campaign and added that it should act accordingly, suggesting that it was his duty to resign. The Socialists were third with 13.9 % of the vote, the worst percentage in its history. Other voices, such as the centrist leader Hervé Morin, requested the resignation of President François Hollande.

The prime minister has ruled that there will be divisions and requested time to the French. “Hollande received an electoral mandate for five years,” said. ” We have to finish the five years. But I am convinced that France must reform. For a long time the right and left have not done what they should do to reform done. “

The political climate caused by the triumph of the National Front shows all elements of the end of an era. Twelve years after achieving second place in the presidential elections of April 21, 2002, the far right has been placed in first position, four points ahead of the conservative UMP nine of the Socialists, and confirming the meteoric rise of Marine Le Pen, who in just three years, and with little financial means, has become a pariah small family party in a strong electoral machine capable of seducing each time more French and panic in the party system.

In the 2012 presidential elections, Marine Le Pen won 17.9 % of the vote. In subsequent legislation, achieved 13.6%, nine points more than five years earlier. In municipal March, appearing only in one third of the country won its best result ever and eleven mayors when the FN had only ruled a maximum of four.

Scrutiny of European not only confirms that progression but the accents. With about 25% of the votes cast, the result quadruples FN 2009 and takes the lead in five of the seven constituencies in the country, although the abstention, far from increasing as anticipated polls, has fallen three points.

The Northeast territory exminero depressed, elected as a personal fiefdom by MEP Marine Le Pen is the art of conquest implemented throughout the country: with 33.6% of the votes, the FN shows 15 points to the UMP and over 20 to the Socialists, who sink to a terrifying 11%. In the East and Southeast, where the FN usually get good results, Le Pen improves national average with 28.9% and 28.1 %, respectively. But traditionally elusive to the extreme right regions, the levees were blown up. Southwest is the case where Le Pen achieved 24.7%, quadrupling the percentage of 2009. And the West, where the FN multiplied six results 2009. Going from 3% to 19.3%. In Ile de France, the region of the pro-European French capital, the National Front comes second after the UMP, with 17.3 % of the vote.

The strength of the extreme right coincides with the collapse of the two major parties, opening unpredictable scenarios in both cases. Conservatives, already split before the battle began last night his usual war families, and woke up this morning with the worst possible news: Claude Gueant, the former Minister of the Interior Nicolas Sarkozy exmano right at the Elysee, has been detained by judges investigating the scandal Bernard Tapie. The future of the UMP seems more than bleak, since lost all oxygen received in the last municipal: only two months after winning that election, disgruntled by the preferred policy Hollande have the National Front. Right loses seven points over 2009 and remains at 20.9 %, four points behind Le Pen. Centrists are the only ones that improve a bit over 2009: Alternative alliance gets 9.7% of the vote.

The Socialists, meanwhile, face a dramatic reality only two years after conquering all the power (presidential, legislative, Senate, regional and municipal), and are at their lowest level of electoral always helpful with bloody losses throughout the country. And the left as a whole is in mourning: the Greens lose half of votes and down to 8.9 %, the Left Front received 6.3% of support, and Nouvelle Donne, the party of the Gauls outraged, not exceeds 2.9%. Total: a starving 33 %.