Miami got into their fourth consecutive NBA Finals after beating the Pacers with a devastating forcefulness (117-92). LeBron James, the big three, the team that has won the last two titles, perfectly read the situation they faced and took the opportunity with absolute efficiency. Playing the sixth game at home, knowing how dangerous it could be a seventh game in Indianapolis, settled the match ball with authority and settled the Eastern Conference final with 4-2.

The Pacers again lost the challenge, like a year ago, and they did also a deplorable action, as disastrous consequences that can result in the decision-making team led Frank Vogel. Just start the third quarter, and Indiana trailed by 28 points (62-34) and went on to earn a handicap of 37 points (86-49). They capitulated disappointingly and especially his best men, Paul George, Hibbert and Hill. George was their leading scorer with 29 points, but most of those points came when the game was already decided.

LeBron James, in Indianapolis after playing his worst game in his lengthy career in the playoffs and scoring only 7 points, regained its usual level, ie, excellence, and finished with 25 points and 6 assists. It was the highlight with Bosh with 25 points and 8 rebounds.

The only one who led the meeting with his eccentric actions was Lance Stephenson. His is a case worth studying. At 23, in his fourth season in the NBA after being selected in the 40th pick in 2010 and with the minimum eccentric contract this year to just over a million dollars, Stephenson has emerged as the player but, at the same time also one of the most effective appearance.

In the fifth game and starred in a couple of unusual actions, as blow you to face LeBron James, or come between Spoelstra and his players when Heat coach was giving instructions. At the sixth meeting, Stephenson took them again with LeBron.

After a couple of scratches after LeBron gave him his hand in the face while trying to defend a triple shot, Stephenson said touching his face to the star of Heat in an action without the ball in the middle. Soon after, Stephenson, in an attempt to reach a ball, slapped Cole. The referees sanctioned the action with a glaring lack of degree one, ie, with two free throws and possession for Miami.

The frustration of the Pacers came back. During their series against Miami, stock Stephenson and Hibbert fouls simulating paths penalty earned them, and criticism of George referees earned him another $ 25,000 fine. Dissension in the team had already transpired before the start of the playoffs and were acids Hibbert ‘s reproaches to his companions.

The success of the big three since he joined in 2010 when LeBron left Cleveland and Bosh left Toronto to join Wade in Miami, it is spectacular. In the first season reached the final, although they were surprised Nowitzki Mavericks (4-2). In 2012 they succeeded in the ring after winning the final against Oklahoma (4-1). They repeated in 2013 after passing the final against San Antonio (4-3). The last team that reached four consecutive finals was Boston, from 1984 to 1987.