French police arrested Friday in Marseille a man suspected of killing four people in the Jewish Museum in Brussels (Belgium) on May 24. The arrested, a French citizen born 29 Roubaix (North), identified as Mehdi Nemmouche, carrying a Kalashnikov rifle and a loaded revolver that fits the characteristics of the material used in the attack on Belgian museum. He has been arrested at the Saint -Charles bus station  on charges of murder and attempted murder. The Belgian courts have already requested his extradition.

The alleged murderer was an old acquaintance of the French security services. He was signed by the Directorate General of Internal Security after a stay in Syria that lasted, according to Le Monde, from the beginning of 2013 until March 2014. Prior to that, the suspect had been convicted in 2009 for stealing a supermarket Tourcoing, near the Belgian border, and other subsequent offenses. The detainee was in prison until January 2013 and left just outside Syria, suggesting that connected with jihadi groups while in prison.

At the time of the arrest, the alleged author of the quadruple murder Brussels was in a bus covering the route Amsterdam -Marseille and carrying, in addition to rifles, ammunition, a similar hat he wore to the sniper and a camera laptop, GoPro type, confirming the information that evoked the murderer had a camera in the strap of a backpack. Mehdi is in police custody since his arrest on Friday lunchtime. His detention may last, according to French law, 96 hours or 140 if investigators detected an imminent terrorist threat.

In the attack on the Jewish Museum of the Belgian capital, which occurred a few hours before they open their polling places for federal and European elections, died an Israeli – partner nationality Immanuel and Miriam Riva, a French woman and a Belgian 24-year, according to the Prosecutor of Brussels. Minutes after the event, the country’s government raised the security level to level four on a scale of five. The government also decided to strengthen security at several synagogues and Jewish buildings in the Belgian capital.

This morning, the President, François Hollande, has emphasized that the alleged murderer was arrested “as set foot in France,” and congratulated the police for their effectiveness. Hollande has confirmed that the man had made war in Syria, and has promised that France “will pursue these jihadists to prevent, returning from a fight that is not theirs or ours, we can do damage. We will fight, we will fight, we will fight, ” he said.