Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe proposed Friday his country as an alternative to Chinese military might. In a speech at the summit Shangri -La, a forum that brings together responsible for Defence and Security of Asia, the Japanese government chief said his country will now play a more active role in protecting peace in the continent and expressed its support to countries in Southeast Asia, many alarmed by the growing strength of China ‘s territorial disputes with its neighbors.

Japan plans to play an even greater and more active than it has played so far to make peace in Asia and the world more guaranteed role, “said Abe in the first speech by a Japanese prime minister in the security forum, which held in Singapore for three days and which also involved the secretary of Defense in the U.S., Chuck Hagel, and a Chinese delegation. Tokio he said, is willing to provide ” all possible support ” to increase cooperation security with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and ” ensure the safety of the seas and the skies, and maintaining freedom of navigation and flight.”

Abe explained that Japan will provide ten new patrol boats Service Philippine Coast Guard, and recalled that it had already sent three others to do so arises Indonesia and Vietnam. Japan has also trained about 250 Coast Guard officers from Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Although the role of invasive Japan during the Second World War still stirs bitter memories among many of the countries in the region, the supply of Tokyo can be very welcome. Abe ‘s speech occurs when you have raised the tone in Beijing territorial disputes with its neighbors in the South China Sea and with Japan in the East China Sea. This week Vietnam and China exchanged bitter recriminations after a Vietnamese fishing boat sank after colliding with another Chinese near a disputed area in the Paracel islands. Meanwhile, the Philippines claims against the construction of a runway landing on a Chinese island in dispute. Japanese Prime Minister stressed throughout his speech on the ” rule of law ” in the area and the need to respect international law to resolve disputes. While not directly mentioning the phrase implies a reference to China, which increasingly sharp tone in the territorial conflicts and the increasing strengthening of its armed forces is viewed with concern among its neighbors.

” Japan defends the rule of law. Asia upholds the rule of law. The rule of law for all of us,” insisted the Japanese prime minister, who before his speech had met with U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Beijing, meanwhile, sent a delegation of diplomats and the People’s Liberation Army to the forum to counteract the Japanese arguments. China argues that the main threat to peace in the region is not her, but Tokyo.

The chairman of the Committee on Affairs of the Chinese National People’s Assembly (Parliament), Fu Ying, said in this regard in a previous debate Abe speech that the Japanese prime minister has ” inflated” the idea that China is a threat to Japan ” with that excuse and try to change the security policy of Japan. Now that’s worrying.”