Palestinian factions, led by Fatah and Hamas, have buried the hatchet this Monday and formed the new unity government. The swearing in of the new unity government, 17 selected for their professional value rather than their political affiliation with a task ministers: take control of Gaza and the West Bank in the next six months to meet the daily needs of the Palestinians until they convene again presidential and legislative elections to put an end to existing power structures. The three new ministers are from Gaza could not attend the ceremony because Israel refused them permission to leave the Gaza.

Abbas has proclaimed the thread ceremony: ” Today we declare the end of the division that has caused catastrophic damage to our cause,” reports Reuters.

And conclude three years of negotiations between the parties and Palestinian militias that took shape in the agreements of Cairo in 2011 and Doha in 2012, a time in which the approaches and ruptures between the two parties have been happening without apparent purpose. In recent years Fatah has been leading the cabinet that Hamas has managed and led Cirsjordania which managed the Gaza Strip.

The differences were many and so the voltage has reached the last moment, until President Mahmoud Abbas convened early this morning at a brief hearing in which he announced the coming-out of the new team. Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, Fatah party (same Abbas) remains in office, also occupying the sensitive Interior Ministry, which must address the reform of Palestinian security forces to integrate the armed wings of Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Hamdallah is also temporarily in charge of the Ministry of Prisoners, a portfolio that disappears and which has been the key focus of disagreement between Fatah and Hamas in the past hours.

This first phase of rapprochement between the factions, physically and politically separate since 2007, when Hamas forcibly took power in Gaza after you win the legislative elections of 2006, began to develop at the end of last year and 23 crystallized April with an agreement that, beyond the new equipment and elections, including greater integration of the parties to the PLO and releases of prisoners from each other, in the Gaza and the West Bank, as a sign of goodwill.

However, this was the easiest step, getting a group of technocrats who seek to mobilize the electoral machinery maintaining the basic necessities of the population. The tricky part is getting to those elections, something that there is little hope on both sides. Fear the rise of the contrary, the internal divisions of each faction – “I do not know who to talk to in Gaza,” said a deputy of Fatah, explaining the different sensitivities among its adversaries so far and issues to solve as the recognition of Israel as a state of law and the total abandonment of violence as a means of achieving Palestinian rights overshadow the coming months.

Israel has announced that it will cut all ties with this new cabinet, except those required to maintain the security of its own territory, as it understands that Jihad or Hamas are terrorist organizations, which is categorized as the EU and USA.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has repeatedly insisted that Abbas has chosen ” terrorism over peace ” and therefore completely stopped contacts with the Palestinian negotiating team a few days it ran, April 29, the initial period of nine months the parties were taken to draft a agreement to end 66 years of conflict. So far Israel has not made public further reprisals against the coming-out of the new ministers, although advertised as ” imminent.”

Reflection of tensions, this morning, a Hamas spokesman, Sami Abu Zuhri, insisted that there was complete agreement on the team, Abbas ‘s announcement that today was going to adopt was ” unilateral” and also included a ” stab in the back ” was the elimination of this ministry, “must” for their training. “Our ultimate position is that there is no agreement until this point is not resolved,” he threatened. However, minutes before the appearance of Abbas in the Muqata, the presidential palace in Ramallah, his colleague claimed that Salah Al Bardawill fringe earrings had been rectified. That Hamdallah stay with the powers of the portfolio until they find another outlet has convinced them. What is not wanted him to be held the umbrella Liberation Organization (PLO) was the first proposal of Abbas.

“They’ve given,” say sources in Gaza Hamas. “We are pleased with the government,” added a member of Interior. Minutes later, and after that until Al Aqsa TV, the Hamas channel in Gaza, emitiese live the swearing, the Islamic Resistance Movement issued a statement in which he gave the “welcome” the coalition ” of all the Palestinians. ” “This government marks the end of our disputes,” has guaranteed Abbas, meanwhile.