Another attempt to kill a young woman in Pakistan for marrying  a man on her own will in the name of of honour failed and 18 years old woman survived miraculously. Saba Masood was shot, put in a sack and then threw in a canal. Police shifted her to hospital where she is in critical condition.

According to media reports, Saba Masood married a man she loved against the will of her family members. The marriage made her father and brothers unhappy to a level that they decided to take her life to save their ‘honour’.

Saba told reporters that her relatives shot her on face and hands and then put her in a sack. She was then thrown into a canal.

Police has registered a case against the father, brother and an aunt and started the investigation. No arrest has been made yet.

Another honour killing case of Farzana Parveen who was killed in front of Lahore High Court by her family members using bricks and sticks had created outcry among the masses. Most of the accused killers are arrested, however, apparently it has changed nothing and other women narrowly escaped honour killing for the time being.