The International Red Cross has suspended its activities in Libya yesterday after the murder of one of their delegates in the Gulf of Sirte. The Supreme Court has ruled on Thursday that the election, a couple of weeks ago, of the current interim Prime Minister Ahmed Maitiq was illegal, as he had already been quick to take over the seat of government. Now you must wait for the high court on Monday on the appeal against this decision as the previous chief executive, who had wanted to leave office in May when feeling threatened, attempts to regain the agenda now rule, travel and power without any real authority. This morning four members of the UN have condemned a brutal treatment at the Tripoli airport. And while it still kidnapping and attempted murder and renegade general who threatened a coup ten days ago, and periodically tries to bomb Benghazi, yesterday suffered an attack that killed four of his colleagues.

The Government of the United States has stationed for days in Sicily Sigonella base over 250 marines but also moving to the area a military ship for whether to conduct an emergency evacuation. The country is a daily explosive and out of control situation, in a spiral that never seem to end.

The Red Cross, for now, has not left the country but in fact has paralyzed its activity until you explain a little better than the event itself confusing killed Wednesday one of its employees. The board of the International Red Cross (IRC) met today in Geneva, set up a crisis unit and is in constant contact with their field staff. In Libya there were now about 150 employees of the Red Cross. Initial reports state that the three local Red Cross workers had come to Sirte, in the Gulf of Es Sider oil, to hold a meeting and already returned to Tripoli.

In Sirte,the activity of the oil wells has fallen to 200,000 barrels per day and declining. Three years ago, when Gaddafi regime in Libya had not yet fallen, the oil production was 1,500,000 barrels per day.

The employees of the Red Cross, traveling in a car which did not carry the mark of the humanitarian organization, was gunned down. The three passenger were injured and taken to a hospital. And it was there where the head of Red Cross in Libya, Michel Greub, 42, a Swiss citizen, died due to gun shots in head and chest.

This event, immediately condemned by the international community has been the most significant in the last few hours, but there was more. The head of the UN mission in Libya, Tarek Metri, convened today to reporters in Tripoli to report that a security brigade of the capital’s airport had detained four UN employees of foreign nationality and tortured them. Metri reported that action was “unacceptable ” because UN employees have “immunity”. Other sources explain that the detainees were suspected of trafficking weapons from Al Baida to Tripoli. The organization added that employees are allowed by Interior Ministry to carry weapons and were working on a mission.
This uncontrolled violence even live to the political uproar with which the country intends to deal in 20 days to a general election. The Supreme Court decided Thursday that the surreal election that was carried out in mid- May until now interim Prime Minister Ahmed Maitiq should be considered illegal.

But for many days both have taken their own staffs, have made promises and tried to govern this mess together. On Tuesday, for example, Al Maitiq and Abdullah Al Thinni bother are acting as Libyan prime ministers that is creating even more chaos in this war torn country.