Pakistan’s largest oil producing well with an estimated production of 5,500 barrels per day near Jehlum, Punjab is expected to start production by the end of this month. The discovery of oil reserves in this region of Pakistan is the first and opens door to further exploration for oil reserves.

Mari Pertroleum Company Limited has announced that significant oil discovery in the Guauri X-1 oil well located in the Dhemak village is made. It is the first ever discovery of hydrocarbons in the eastern region of Potohar Plateau.

The company said in a statement, “We have made a major oil discovery in the Sakessar Formation, in the eastern Potohar region in Ghauri X-1 Well.”

The oil well is named after Shahabuddin Ghauri whose mausoleum is only 500 meters away from the location.

“The 3,800 metre-deep Ghauri Well is a landmark achievement, being the first hydrocarbon discovery in the eastern part of Potohar Plateau,” statement further said.

The company is working on to lay 14 kilometer long pipeline from the Dhemak oil field to the filling station on the GT Road near Sohawa from where it will be transported in tankers to the Attock Oil Refinery.

The company also has plans to set up oil refinery near Sohawa to refine the curd oil.

By the end of this month, company will start transporting oil from Dhemak oil field to the Attock Oil Refinery.

The oil well is about 700 meters away from the failed attempt by OGDC in 1995-96. Mari Pertroleum Company started the work in November 2013 and it was completed in only 117 days.

With production of 5,500 barrels per day, it is most like become the largest oil producing oil field in Pakistan.