The horror of drone attacks is now going to strike back to the Pakistani nation after it was reported that two drones targeted areas in North Waziristan. This has happened in the light of the events which have taken place in Karachi recently.


The Karachi airport was under attack as the terrorists penetrated through the barbed wires and managed to reach the terminal. They were reported to be 10 terrorists. The situation was becoming difficult to handle for the Airport Security and this is exactly why the terrorists were able to reach the runway, where they did what they came for.

The army then took control of the situation. They surrounded the airport and then entered in order to eliminate all threats. Soon they were able to come out with positive results. Even though the runway caught fire, all 10 of the terrorists were killed by the Pakistani army. It was later revealed that most of these people were Uzbeks and were bearing Indian weapons. However, a decision is yet to be taken.

In the light of this particular event, it was later seen that two drones bombarded a few areas in North Waziristan. These drone strikes had stopped after Pakistanis protested against them, but after this event they have come back, haunting several civilians once again.