It was recently reported from Miramshah that the world’s most feared militants are now willingly departing from the North Waziristan region after Tehreek E Taliban decided to attack the Karachi Airport.

It is being feared by these foreign militants that the Pakistani Armed Forces are now going to carry out an operation in the area so that they can eradicate the problem once and for all.

This is for the umpteenth time that Tehreek E Taliban have tried to instil fear in the hearts of the people of Karachi. This time, however, the attack was far more devastating and it could easily have severe repercussions not only on the people, but also on Pakistan as a sovereign nation.

The last attack which Tehreek E Taliban conducted was on the Karachi International Airport, which is considered to be a focal point of several important international flights. There are quite a lot of international airlines who are not willing to send their planes to this region because they fear that their passengers might be harmed.

Therefore, the Pakistani Army is now going to conduct an operation in North Waziristan and this is the reason why many foreign militants are willingly leaving the area so that they are not caught in the action.