Sunni militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (EIIL) early Friday gain control of the towns of Saadiyah and Jalawla, located in the province of Diyala, after Iraqi security forces abandoned their positions to the imminent advance jihadist. For its part, the Iraqi Army has fired artillery fire locations from Muqdadiya, located nearby, which has caused the flight of tens of people into town Khaniqin, on the border with Iran.

In recent days rebel forces EIIL have launched a major offensive on major Iraqi cities, which have led to gain control Mosul and Tikrit, among others, allowing them to conquer the northern province of Nineveh. After the capture of Mosul on Tuesday, the speaker of parliament, Osama al Nujaifi, reported that soldiers abandoned their posts very beginning of the attack. According to the account of a spokesman for the forces of the autonomous region of Kurdistan, quoted by Reuters, also fled Iraqi troops in Kirkuk. The weak military response to jihadist face forward in the country served as justification for preventive Kurdistan troops take the oil city of Kirkuk, a town that was out of their autonomous region and claimed as historic capital.

Inertial jihadists fears the Iraqi authorities and the international community, including the United States, get Islamist militants take control of Baghdad, as they already dominate some nearby towns.

In this sense, the maximum Iraqi Shiite cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, called for jihad (holy war) against Sunni insurgents, in a speech by one of his representatives, Abdelmajid to Karbalai. ” Citizens may take up arms to fight the terrorists have to be submitted as volunteers in the Army for this sacred goal,” said Al Karbalai during the sermon of the Muslim noon prayer.

President Obama said he would not rule out ” any options ” against the Islamist offensive. Among the options studied figure Obama sending drones or warplanes, but the deployment of troops.