Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, released by talibab last May 31 after spending five years in captivity in Afghanistan, is in ” stable condition” in a military hospital in Texas, as reported by Army leaders. Bergdahl landed at dawn on Friday in San Antonio, in the State of Texas, where he will continue being treated by medical teams.

Military spokesmen claimed Friday that it is too early to determine whether the sergeant suffers post traumatic stress or to establish any other psychiatric diagnosis, but they can say that ” slowly improving.” Bergdahl, 28, will be contacted “some time ” with the information that has been published about him since he was released in exchange for the release of five Taliban prisoners. However, the Army has not provided details of the timelines they work or when it might communicate directly with their families.

The sergeant has been admitted to a military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, from where he was taken Thursday night to U.S. soil, according to the Defense Department. “Our priority right now is that Sergeant Bergdahl continue to receive the attention and care they need,” said John F. Kirby on Thursday, Pentagon press secretary, said in a statement.

Bergdahl now begin in San Antonio, Texas, at Brooke Army Medical Center, the third part of the ” reintegration ” designed for soldiers who have suffered long periods of captivity. His release in exchange for five Taliban prisoners from the Guantanamo prison, has been surrounded by intense controversy in the past two weeks. After the euphoria of the first moments, Americans – both Democrats and Republicans politicians berated the White House by the lack of information about trading to recover Bergdahl alive.

On Wednesday, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, testified before Congress that the pact with the Taliban “was not perfect “, but defended the decision of the White House. “We made the right decision and we did it for the right reasons: to bring home one of ours. U.S. leaves behind his soldiers.” The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives held a hearing on the 18th to study the exchange of prisoners between the U.S. and the Taliban.

Once in San Antonio, Bergdahl admitted to the Brooke Army Medical Center in the city, where several medical teams specialize in dealing with prisoners of war, to help him recover. Anonymous Pentagon sources consulted by U.S. media in recent days have revealed some details of the conditions under which  Bergdahl was detained. The sergeant had been held in a cage as punishment for trying to escape twice.

After his rescue by the U.S. Army, Bergdahl has not had access to outside information or access to television or Internet, a condition that will be maintained for the next phase of recovery. In this, the military will be assisted in the process of recovery from the trauma of the period in captivity and to abandon psychological mechanisms developed by these victims to cope with the isolation.

The Pentagon itself has said that the decision to meet with parents depends Bergdahl own and he can talk with them when he is ” emotionally ready “.

Other sources of Defence explained that the process to be followed now Berdahl not follow no fixed deadlines and guidelines depend on the individual evolution. “This is not just a physical issue,” Hagel told lawmakers. “This man has been detained for nearly five years in God knows what kind of conditions.”

Hagel statements, veteran of Vietnam, where he was wounded twice, have failed however silence criticism by the management of the Obama Administration nor the doubts about the circumstances in which Bergdahl fell to Taliban. U.S. has opened an internal investigation to determine whether the sergeant simply abandoned or deserted his post voluntarily before being found by the Taliban.

The Pentagon investigation into his disappearance in 2009 also determined, according to AP, yes Sgt receive more than $ 300,000 in back wages since his disappearance as well as compensation for being a prisoner of war.