It was recently revealed that Pakistan Railway has introduced new Ramadan Packages, where they are reducing the ticket prices by 10%.

This is happening for the first time in the history of Pakistan that the railway system has improved to the extent where they can actually put down the prices of the tickets.

Saad Rafiq has managed to do a remarkable job with Pakistan Railway. Currently the amount of criticism received from the people who travel by train has reduced; which means that Pakistan Railway is going in the right direction.

With Ramadan approaching, they have introduced the latest packages. It is understandable that people will be willing to relocate or go to certain cities during the Ramadan timings. This is why Pakistan Railway has decided that they are going to facilitate its people by reducing the ticket prices by 10%.

It is also to be notified here that this discount is offered only on certain trains. Bolan, Express, Sukkur Express and Bahawuddin Zakria Express are the three trains that are going to be discounting their prices.

Moreover, the trains which accommodate air-conditioned and business class are also going to experience a decrease in their ticket prices. It is stated that upon the purchase of 5 tickets, the 6th ticket is going to be free.