Dr. Tahirul Qadri who have arrive in Pakistan as a Canadian citizen as he used his Canadian passport to enter Pakistan took full advantage of the social media to effectively reach his followers and spread his word. His plane was scheduled to arrive in Islamabad but was diverted at the last moment to Lahore airport. Dr. Qadri refused to come out of the plane but finally with assurance from Governor Punjab Muhammad Sawar, he left the plane and arrived safely at his residence in Model town, Lahore.

It will be interesting to read the tweets which he tweeted using the twitter account @TahirulQadri.

“I congratulate my young workers who have made the corrupts attempt unsuccessful regardless of their high-tech machinery #StateTerrorism”

“This is the first test for my workers, they will sacrifice their lives, but they will never bow their heads #StateTerrorism”

“I request Army Chief Raheel Shareef to protect the unarmed citizens and workers. #StateTerrorism #Pakistan”

“The Sharif family has always used the police as their personal slaves and gangsters. #StateTerrorism #Pakistan”

“The Government is a partner of the terrorists. They want to divert the attention from the Army’s operations #StateTerrorism #Pakistan”

“The purpose of this state terrorism was to avenge my support for ISI and Pak Army. #StateTerrorism”

“Our workers’ martyrdom will bring the end of these rulers. Qisas will be done for the Martyrs #StateTerrorism”

“I will come on 23 June, my plans have not changed. I will meet you and you will be part of this inqilab. #StateTerrorism”

“How can we expect justice from the commission set-up by the murderers? We will set-up our own commission #StateTerrorism”

“I will not leave Pakistan until Revolution has come and power has been given to the people. #StateTerrorism”

“We are clear and we know, the PM, CM and ministers of Punjab are responsible for this massacre and #StateTerrorism #Lahore”

“I will continue to fight for people of this country & not rest until restoration of real democracy. #StateTerrorism #Lahore”

“If there was justice in Pakistan then there would be no terrorism; lawlessness and violence. #LahoreMassacre”

“Sharif family can clearly see permanent end of their illegitimate rule hence showing desperation, using force, clamping media & social media”

“Direct shooting at #PAT workers a sign of inhumane criminal behaviour of PM & CM which must stop immediately or nation will march to ISB.”

“#DrQadri’s plane has been hijacked by the illegitimate PM and CM & diverted to Lahore. Our demand is to take this plane back to ISB.”

“We demand to take the plane back to ISB or Army should provide full security escort towards my residence Model Town. We do not trust the Gov”

These tweets were tweeted between June 16, 2014 to June 23, 2014 when he arrived in Pakistan.