Another attack on a Pakistani airport was seen this morning as a gunman decided to open fire at a plane in Peshawar Airport.

This act of violence has come only two weeks after the previous attack on an airport in Pakistan; Karachi International Airport.

The authorities in the area were trying to look for a man who open fired at a plane on Tuesday evening. The gunman open fired when the plane was landing. The incident saw one person dying and two others getting severely injured.

Now there are serious doubts being surrounded around the security which is being deployed at the country’s airports.

The previous attack on the airport took place in Karachi and the incident in Peshawar has come only two weeks after that. Sources claim that this attack is being made as revenge for what is being done to the militants in North Waziristan as the Pakistani army is currently trying to eradicate the problem once and for all.

A female passenger who was on board also passed away while she was on her way to the hospital. Sources also stated that approximately 178 passengers along with 27 crew members were on the plane.

A male passenger spoke about the incident and said, “When the plane was about the land, we heard shots and suddenly there was chaos in the flight.”