A suicide attack rocked Beirut this afternoon. A suicide bomber has detonated the explosive charge he had in the hotel room where he was staying. The only fatality was the terrorist, but military sources say there are at least two other deaths, both soldiers. The explosion also injured 10 people. It is the third terrorist attack in Lebanon in just five days and the second in the capital.

The attack occurred at 19:30, taking by surprise the strength of the Lebanese security forces who tried to arrest the terrorist. According to the Lebanese National News Agency, the terrorist is Houmayki Abdul Rahman, 30, and Saudi nationality. Two other suspects, one with a Saudi passport, have been arrested in the operation. The hotel remains surrounded by the Lebanese Army and the local press says that another terrorist remains loaded with explosives hidden in the building.

In a similar operation in the Lebanese security forces last Friday, two dozen suspected terrorists were arrested in another downtown hotel in Beirut without any casualties. Also, in the early hours of last Monday, a terrorist who was driving in the opposite direction on the outskirts of Beirut, a stronghold of the Shiite Hezbollah, exploded a load of 40 kilos, killing one soldier and wounding two dozen civilians. Three days earlier, another suicide ended with the life of a soldier, wounded in the explosion 32 people at a military checkpoint east of the country.

This new wave of suicide attacks has again unleashed panic among the Lebanese. In the past four months, Lebanon was beginning to relax before the threats of the radicals after suffering in the past eight months 10 attacks that left 118 dead and over 900 injured.