It was recently reported from Los Angeles that a man in America was sentenced to jail as he was planning to carry out a weapons training program in Pakistan that would benefit the Al Qaeda.

The prosecutor revealed that the man has spent several years in Syria and was willing to exchange his knowledge about the weapons with people in Al Qaeda so they can train and benefit from it.

The man has been jailed for 13 years because the judge claims that this is a serious offense and it requires a correspondingly long sentence. He was charged for attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Nguyen, who is based outside Los Angeles and is also known as Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum claimed that he fought in Syria for a long time.

After returning to America, he said that he offered Al Qaeda that he will train them in Syria, but his offer was rejected.

He was once working for FBI as an undercover and was also working for Al Qaeda as a recruiter. He claimed that he was born to fight so he should probably train people in Al Qaeda.

Back in October last year, he bought a plane ticket to Peshawar. He had more than 180 training videos for shooting firearms, but he was caught at the airport.