A New York CBS affiliate reported that a taxi driver in New York City was found guilty of arranging honour killings in Pakistan. People helped his daughter escape a marriage that he arranged and he planned their murders out while sitting in New York.

Mohammad Ajmal Choudhry, who is a cab driver in New York City, arranged to murder the father and sister of a man who helped his daughter, Amina Ajmal, escape her own marriage ceremony which he had organized.

The case which was being heard in New York played a recording during the trial where the man had admitted that he will murder his daughter if she is to escape. He claimed that in their culture a son can come and go whenever he likes but if a daughter runs away, it is demeaned forever. The phone recording found him saying these words: “If you don’t come back, there is only death!”

Amina Ajmal said during her testimony that after living in Brooklyn for several years, her father tricked her into going to Pakistan so she can marry one of her cousins.

She further stated, “He told me I was too Americanized, and I needed to learn my culture.”

Amina Ajmal married her cousin back in 2012, but then fell in love with someone who helped her flee to America.

The father and sister of that man were gunned down in Pakistan.