After Pakistan’s plea to work on the Pakistan side of the border, Afghanistan has decided to work with Pakistan in order to eliminate the terrorist threat once and for all.

Pakistan is in a state of war against the militants who are residing in the region of Waziristan. After several attacks in different regions of the country, the army decided to take an aggressive action against the militants.

Before attacking a certain area, the Pakistani army asks the people to come for refuge and the ones left behind are killed. However, reports claim that certain militants have moved towards Afghanistan in order to seek a place where they can hide. Pakistan urged Afghanistan to help Pakistan either kill those militants or hand them over to Pakistan.

Afghanistan has now agreed with the notion and they have tightened the security on their borders. They have stated that they will help Pakistan eradicate this problem once and for all.

While talking about the situation of shelling and how Pakistan will operate in this matter, the spokesman said, “The issue of cross-border shelling also came under discussion. The Afghan delegation was told that Pakistan only fires back in self-defence when border posts are attacked or fired upon by terrorists from Afghan territory.”