Pakistan has formally asked the United States to forgo the spying program that has been initiated by them in the vicinity of the country. It is being said that the affairs of the political parties within Pakistan are being monitored by the US National Security Agency and this is against the international law.

Tasnim Asnam, who is the foreign office spokesperson for Pakistan, stated during her weekly briefing that spying of a major political party in Pakistan by the US National Security Agency is against the laws and foreign affairs norms. She also revealed that Pakistan has taken the issue to the US authorities directly.

It is being said that there are currently several under cover spies working within Pakistan, monitoring every move of different political parties that are operating in the country. There have been incidents where these spies have been caught and deported as well.

Pakistan and US have always had tension regarding the breach of privacy as the US have not only been sending drone strikes in the Waziristan region, but also spies in the most happening cities of the country.

The country is now taking the issue up to US authorities directly so this problem can be eradicated once and for all.