Egypt is in negotiations for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel. In the morning,  international service of the BBC television reported  that Palestinian in Gaza are about to stop their attacks on Israel.  Egypt, however, deny that any specific agreement has been reached yet. The Israeli government declined comment on the statements of Hamas, but stopped its air attacks on Gaza after several days of bombing.

The Israeli military on Thursday had strengthened its presence in the Gaza limits, after the militants in recent weeks intensified its rocket and mortar attacks to adjacent cities in Israel. These shots continued Friday morning.

Only on Monday night, their planes hit 34 targets of the Hamas in Gaza. 10 Palestinians were wounded by shelling on Thursday morning. At noon, Army sources announced a relaxation strategy, according to which Israel would “respond with silence to silence.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened to use force in the event of continued attacks from Gaza.

In a press conference in Gaza, Hamas spokesman said Thursday that previous conflicts with Israel would be an ” picnic ” compared to what would happen now if the Israeli army launched an operation in Gaza. The spokesman, who identified the British news agency Reuters as Abu Ubaida, has accused Israel of violating a ceasefire reached in 2012 after a clash of eight days.

Meanwhile, on the first Friday of Ramadan a further escalation of tensions in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem feared. The Muslim religious prayer will coincide with the funeral of a Palestinian young man killed in early Wednesday in the east of the city. Netanyahu vowed on Thursday afternoon that “the culprits responsible to bring to justice, whoever they are.” Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crime. Various Israeli media quoted sources close to the investigation, according to which the most solid track points to a hate crime perpetrated by right-wing Jews.

The 17 year old boy called Mohamed Abu Khdair, addressed to prayer at four o’clock when he disappeared near her home in a middle class neighborhood in the eastern Shuafat. His charred body was found hours later in a forest west of Jerusalem. They began two days of serious riots in the East of the city, where hundreds of protesters were injured. Shuafat remained a battleground between protesters and riot police on Thursday night. Israeli police have deployed thousands of troops in the Estes and the old part of Jerusalem where the Temple Mount is located, as well as various points east.

In the neighborhood are convinced that the murder was revenge for the death of three Jewish students disappeared on June 12. School Gilad Shaer, Eyal and Fraenkel Yifrah Naftali, 16 and 19, were found dead Monday near Hebron in the West Bank. The Israeli authorities had sought for 18 days “with the premise” that they were alive. The recording of the call from one of them to the police, made shortly after the kidnapping and published this week, includes punches, screams of pain and what look like shots from a silenced pistol. During the massive rescue operation of the three students, Israel arrested hundreds of Palestinians, mostly related to Hamas.

Netanyahu blamed the Islamist organization from the first day of the disappearance of the boys and asked the president of the Palestinian National Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, to break his reconciliation agreement with Hamas and dissolve the Palestinian unity government introduced in June. Abbas wants to leave behind seven years of division between Hamas, which controls Gaza, and their own government in the West Bank.