Federal Board of Revenue has levied sales tax of Rs300 to Rs1000 on mobile phone sets. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has opposed imposing the sales tax on mobile phone sets. Federal Board of Revenue has also imposed Rs250 on the sale of each SIM card.

Federal Board of Revenue imposed the new sales tax on the mobile phone sets through the 9th Schedule in the Fiance Act 2014. 

There will be Rs300 tax on mobile phone sets with cameras of 2 megapixel or less megapixel having a 2.6 inch display.  50% of the tax will be charged to the importers of the mobile phone and remaining Rs150 will be collected from the mobile phone operators on the registration of the IMEI number.

FBR had already imposed Rs250 sales tax on the sale of the SIM cards of the mobile phones. Thus the comsumer will pay additional Rs550 when they purchase a new phone and SIM card.

The tax on the mobile phones with 2 to 10 megapixel single or double camera and display of  2.6 to 5 inch will be Rs.500.

Federal Board of Revenue has levied the new sales tax despite the strong opposition from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.