Israel is not only concerned about the number of rockets fired by Palestinian militants from Gaza in two days of operation Margin Protector, but its scope. They have fallen where they had never even done during Operation Defensive Pilar, in November 2012, when Hamas and Islamic Jihad exhibited a hitherto unknown weapons power. The Israeli army reported that for the first time, the rockets have reached 125 miles from the strip, the village of Zikron Yaakov. On Tuesday night hit another in Hadera, 100 kilometers from Gaza, between Tel Aviv and Haifa, the third largest city.

During the early morning and so far this morning at least five missiles have been intercepted by the missile defense system Iron Dome when threatened to hit Tel Aviv (about 70 miles from Gaza), and four other rockets sounded sirens in Jerusalem (80 kilometers). Two were destroyed and many others fell in open ground without causing damage. They landed in Mateh Yehuda, a mountainous area west of the city, and in a field of Pisgat Zeev, a settlement in the east.

Both cities scored, year and a half ago, the maximum penetration point militias rockets on Israeli soil. ” By land or by sea, or a corner of the earth will be at peace ” promised this morning a spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing, Al Qassam Brigades, claimed that the surge in the Midwest. There are about four million Israelis under the umbrella of the rocket at this moment.

Military sources claim that the Gazan militias have 10,000 rockets in its arsenals. Among them are ” dozens ” of long-range missiles M302, Syrian manufactured, which began to enter the Strip in 2006, Hezbollah used them profusely from Lebanon against Israel; and then they left their mark in Hadera, but from the north flank. Now comes the other side.

The advancement of these M302 ranges from 90 to 150 miles and warheads can accumulate more than 145 kilos of cargo. These same sources explained that Hamas could be replicating this model to compensate for the lack of input of new material – tunnels with Egypt are closed from late 2013, Syria has turned its back on Islamist group, also Iran has taken off, although its extent not exceeding 80 kilometers. Home and professional, with this breakthrough capacity are other “hundreds”, said a month ago Brigadier General Itai Baron, head of military intelligence, recalls the daily Haaretz. The rest would be short-range rockets, up to 40 kilometers in the hands of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad, not youth groups.

The analyst and retired Gen. Avi Mandelblit believes in Gaza have refined their strategy to do more damage to Israel, not only by the most sophisticated equipment available to them, but by its grappling techniques. For example, decide to launch “tens of rockets at a time,” as in Monday night, with 30 rounds in 30 minutes, so that Iron Dome is ” saturated ” and can not respond to all threats. If you also decide to hit far between objectives simultaneously, we must extend the radar system, which eventually make it less effective, its strength is diluted. Too many fronts to address.

The chief of staff, General Benny Gantz, said that this diversity of threats can be “no surprises “, so called his soldiers to be ” ready for anything “. So far this morning his office has also confirmed that the Islamists have used a short-range anti-aircraft missile a Strela, against one of its fighters, it flew over Gaza. Although there were suspicions that were held by the militia, there was news of a prior use today. Israeli aircraft was not damaged.