It was recently reported from Washington that Pakistan is currently trying to get gunship copters from the US. They claimed that they want newer helicopters as they would not opt for used stuff to supplement and replace the 35 AH-1S and AH-1F gunship which they already possess.

While trying to fight in the tribal areas, Pakistan has already lost 3 of these gunships in the last few years. It is being said that the tribal area requires gunships more than planes and even ground attacks and while Pakistan is currently trying to fight a war against these militants, it is going to need these gunships.

The model which Pakistan currently desires is the W model which is configured for naval use. It has two engines and also has protection against sea water corrosion.

Moreover, it also has a crew of two and includes a 20mm, 3 barrel, auto cannon. Besides this, it can also carry missiles or unguided rockets.

The current gunships which Pakistan do not include night vision but it is being reported that they are currently working on the technology and these gunships will soon have night vision as well. However, the ones which Pakistan has asked for are fully equipped with night vision. 


  1. What? Nothing relating to the headline in the article. Where does it says that the U.S has declined the copters to Pakistan.