At least 23 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed Friday in the Lugansk region in eastern Ukraine, in an attack by separatist rebels reported Shiriak Zorian, director of the Ukrainian Interior Minister. “So far, the information we can give is that there are up to 23 people, although it may be more,” said Shiriak in an appearance before reporters in Kiev. Also on Thursday the Ukrainian military command reported that at least 50 pro-Russian militiamen have been killed in an air strike near the town of Izvárino, east of the country.

The attack occurred in Lugansk with multiple Grad missiles around four in the morning at a border post in Zelenopillya, military sources reported. The 23 deaths are in addition to the three lowest in the last 24 hours announced Friday by spokesman Ukrainian operations in the east, Vladislav Seleznev.

“In the last 24 hours 50 guerrillas were killed. This is confirmed by visual observation data after an airstrike against a concentration of guerrillas with Izvárino ” he wrote.

Government forces have recently gained advantage in the battle that lasted for three months against the separatist republics have established popular in the eastern parts of the country where Russian is spoken and whose residents have expressed their desire to join Russia. The last weekend recovered Slaviansk region. Now they want to “liberate ” Donetsk and Lugansk.

According to data provided Friday by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the three -month conflict in the east of the country have claimed the lives of 478 civilians, including 30 women and seven children.