Female cricketer Haleema Rafiq committed suicide in Multan after receiving court summon to pay Rs 20 million in damage claim by Maulvi Sultan Ahmed of Multan Cricket Club. Haleema along with four other female cricketers had accused the MCC management for sexual harassment which were declared unfounded by a two member investigation committee.

The 17 year old cricketer drank acid to end her life while she was fasting, the relatives told the reporters. She was distressed after Pakistan Cricket Board handed her a six months ban from playing cricket after dismissal of harassment charges and receiving court summons in the damage claim of Rs 20 billion. She was buried later in her hometown of Multan.

Five female cricketers Seema Javed, Hina Ghafoor, Kiran Irshad, Saba Ghafoor and Haleema Rafiq had filed sexual harassment charges against the management of Multan Cricket Club in June 2013.  Seema Javed, Hina Ghafoor, Kiran Irshad appeared before the two member inquiry committee formulated to investigate the allegations to record their statements. The three girls denied any incident of sexual harassment.

Haleema Rafiq and Saba Gharoor did not record their statements. The inquiry committee found the allegations baseless and imposed six months ban to play cricket.

Manager MCC, Maulvi Sultan Ahmed, had filed a law suit to get compensated for damage the sexual harassment allegations had caused.