Pakistani journalist, Faizullah Khan, has been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment by an Afghan court on July 14, 2014. He was arrested for traveling to Afghanistan without travel documents and contacting terrorists. The reporter will file against the conviction in the High court.

Faizullah Khan, a journalist with ARY television channel, was arrested by Afghan security forces in April for contacting terrorists and entering Afghanistan without any valid travel document. He was detained along with two Pakistani Talibans on the Afghanistan side of the border with Pakistan.

The spokesman for the Governor of Nangarhar, Ahmad Zai Abdulzai, said that the journalist was arrested for threatening the national security.

The Afghan court dismissed the espionage charges against the Pakistani reporter Faizullah Khan.

The Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad has approached Afghan government officials the release of the Pakistani journalist who will also file an appeal against the conviction.