Pakistani Foreign Office spokesperson, Tasnim Aslam, recently came out in the open and spoke about the Pak-India relationships. She said that dialogue regarding Kashmir and its pre-conditions cannot go side by side. She also stated that the terrorists behind the Samjhota Express incident should also be arrested.

While talking to the press she said, “You cannot have dialogue and at the same time impose pre-conditions. I am not saying that we want to hold up progress on one because of the other. But we do expect that Pakistanis who have been victims of terrorists would also get justice.” 

She further added, “Any articulation of policy that India wants to settle all issues, including the outstanding issue of Jammu and Kashmir through dialogue resonates with us as it has been our policy. Pakistan’s policy, all along, has been that all outstanding disputes, particularly the dispute of Jammu and Kashmir, should be resolved through dialogue. But you cannot have dialogue and at the same time impose pre-conditions.” 

This has come in the light of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Mohdi, visiting Pakistan soon. The two parties are now going to try and talk things out regarding the issues which the two sides have.