The count of the bodies of the flight of Malaysia Airlines that crashed on Thursday in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk progressing well and the passenger list is almost complete. According to the latest estimate, the Dutch were 189 deaths. On the plane there were also nationals of Malaysia (44), Australia (27), Indonesia (12), United Kingdom (9), Germany (4), Belgium (4) Philippines (3) Canada (1) and New Zealand (1). Currently, Malaysia Airlines has sent a team of 62 investigators to Ukraine. “Your safety should be ensured by all parties to the conflict,” warned the Malaysian Ministry of Transport.

With Holland in mourning and flags at half mast on official buildings, the center-left government has called for an international investigation. “The Netherlands should be part of the team that should soon clarify what happened.” “Families have a right to know who is behind this,” said Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

Hundreds of relatives of the victims have been taken in a hotel in Amsterdam -Schiphol airport waiting to fly to the scene. Malaysia Airlines has promised to take them, but can only do this once closed and testing the soil, near the Russian border, has been studied by forensic experts and airline disasters.

In the silence of family, comforted by psychologists, a couple who escaped disaster by a clerical error does nothing but mourn. Nour Azaani and her husband, Barry Sim have a three months daughter, and the travel agency had booked the mother and baby in the crashed plane but could not book Barry Sim at the same flight. In the end the family decided to take another flight.