Who brought down the Boeing 777 over the territory of the breakaway region of Donetsk in Ukraine? Who is responsible for the deaths of nearly 300 innocent people heading from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur? The image of a Lonely Planet Bali guide series, intact with its bright blue cover between the mutilated remains of the passengers, is a testimony to the tragedy in the European sky as a result of a conflict that is not local, as many could or wanted to believe until the afternoon of July 17.

The key issue now is to determine specific responsibilities for what happened in the context of wider responsibilities for letting the conflict in Donbas (historical region encompassing southeast Ukraine and southwest Russia) came to degenerate to such an extent. In the chapter on the broad responsibilities, ie, successive stages of degeneration that date back to fall 2013 are Ukraine, Russia, separatist and West.

In the chapter on the concrete and specific responsibilities for the destruction of the plane the international community, starting with the Netherlands and Malaysia, they must be vigilant to ensure that investigation is carried out in an objective and biased and that nobody will political use this catastrophe.

There are many questions to answer. Was the area where the shot went under the control of government forces in Kiev or controlled by the separatists? Were separatists ready to use Buk anti-aircraft missile system of which they seized in late June in Lugansk? Do they use? Or were responsible for the ” anti-terrorist operation ” that shot maybe believing that the target was a Russian aircraft that had entered Ukrainian territory to help the separatists?

In Moscow, Alexandr Golts, an independent military expert, estimated Kiev government forces and separatist suspects are both 50%. The Buk missile system, which began to occur in 1972 and are in the arsenals of armies of Russia and Ukraine, have the ability to hit a target at the height at which the plane crash was cruising (10,600 meters). The Buk were designed to defend troops on the battlefield, says Golts, who is skeptical about the possibility that the missile that hit the plane left the territory of Russia. “The Russian military is more qualified than the Ukrainians and the separatists and could understand that it was an airliner,” he says.

According Golts, there is no concrete evidence that Russia deliver such weapons (the Buk) to independence, although they “may be assembled from Russia.” The Russian Defense Ministry, in an official note says that the operating range of the Buk is 45 miles from Boeing and Malaysia Airlines was reached within 52 kilometers from the Russian zone of responsibility. According to the Russian ministry, in the Donetsk ‘s M21 Buk missile system of the Ukrainian Army. “In total there are 27 points of release,” the official information. ” These systems for their tactical and technical characteristics can detect airborne targets at distances up to 160 kilometers,” and reach a height of more than 30 kilometers, he said.

The analyst believes that the destruction of the Boeing 777 will have “a very serious influence on the crisis in Ukraine” and recalled the 1983 crisis when the Soviet Union shot down a Korean Boeing on the coast of Kamchatka. “The wave of hatred that sparked protests and was very serious,” he says. “Sooner or later, the truth will emerge,” he says.