The International Science and Engineering Fair is going to take place in Los Angeles, US, this week and 9 Pakistani Students have been shortlisted in order to represent their country.

A representative of this particular institution stated, “The young innovators referred to as Team Pakistan will represent the country at the fair and compete against 1,600 finalists from over 70 countries across the globe.”

This year, however, the highest number of entries is being sent from Pakistan’s neighbouring country, India, who is sending a team of 18 students. This means that they will be competing with 12 different projects in this particular global event.

There are different categories which the Pakistani students have selected. A student revealed that they have selected categories such as engineering, mathematical sciences and environmental management.

With only 12 projects coming in from India, the representatives of Intel, who will also be present at this science fair, stated,

“This year, with 12 projects being selected for ISEF, we have a greater opportunity to showcase the talent existing within the youngsters of the country, encouraging them to create realistic solutions, through research practices, to scientific challenges that are vital for tomorrow’s progress.”

Pakistan has sent 3 projects as well.