Dastgir Khan recently came out in the open and spoke about Poland and Pakistan’s trading ties. He claimed that Poland can serve as a gateway to Central and Eastern Europe and this is why he insisted that Pakistan should try and focus on the trading ties between the two countries.

Dastgir Khan was in a conference which took place in Katowice. Different leaders and entrepreneurs from countries all over the world attended the conference. Here Dastgir Khan met up with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Poland, Januzs Piechocinski.

He stated that Pakistan is quite keen on developing relationships with Poland, a country which can open gateways to other countries of Europe. The current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, has also embarked upon this notion and he has claimed that he also wants the country to become a part of this venture.

He also accepted the invitation of Minister of Commerce, who stated that he wants to come to Pakistan after he was greatly impressed with the large Pakistani delegation of businessmen who were a part of this conference and were also a part of this conference.

Other people who were a part of this conference included the President of European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek.