Another plane crash has taken place. This is the fourth incident this week where all contact from a plane was lost and it was later found to be dead.


It started off from the Malaysian airline MH370, which has still not been found. Then a few months later, another Malaysian airline became the target of a similar incident. However, this time it was Ukraine that shot the plane down, later claiming that Russian rebels did the act.

A plane consisting of Pakistani son and father was also brought down as they were trying to go around the world in 30 days in order to make a world record, but they failed to do so.

Now most recently an event has taken place where an Algerian plane got lost. However, it is being said that the plane has crashed over Mali, leaving approximately 110 people dead who were inside the plane.

The Algerian airline company stated, “Contact was lost with the McDonnell Douglas 83 at 1:47, a little after the pilots said they were diverting from the route due to meteorological reasons. Contact was lost after the change of course. Air traffic control had their last contact with AH5017 on the Ouagadougou-Algiers route today, July 24, at 0155 GMT, 50 minutes after takeoff.”