Pakistan has finally decided to take a stand against the Israeli aggression that is taking place in Palestine. There are not many countries who are speaking against the acts that are being carried out by Israel. However, there are others who have labelled it as genocide, since several women and children have lost their lives in the process.

The death toll at Gaza has reached 677, with over 170 being children.

Turkey became the first country to speak against the matter, but there is not a single country in the world that decided to take a stand against what is happening.

Pakistan has now entered the list of countries who are speaking against Israel. They claim that Israel should simply stop their oppression in Palestine and opt for ceasefire.

Ambassador Masood Khan stated, “Violence begets violence and peace engenders peace. The relentless bloodshed must be stopped and peace talks initiated. The asymmetry of the fight could not be clearer but military might would not solve the problem. International diplomacy initiated by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, (US) Secretary of State John Kerry and the Egyptian leadership must be intensified. A political solution must be achieved. No ceasefire proposal should be spurned and the two state solution should be pursued in earnest. An independent viable and geographically contiguous Palestinian state on the basis of the pre-1967 borders with Al Quds Al Sharif as its capital living side by side with Israel is the only way to guarantee peace and stability in the region. The children and women of Gaza are crying out for help. This Council must listen to their screams and respond.”