Pakistan is currently in a state of war. The Pakistani army decided to opt for an oppressive form of solution for Tehreek E Taliban, who have been operating in the North Waziristan region for quite some time now.

It all started when the amount of suicide attacks in the country were increasing. The government and army first decided to sign a peace treaty with the Taliban but when it all failed, it was decide that the army should take a serious action.

However, Taliban were the ones who got first blood as they attacked at the Karachi International Airport. They took over the area and even burned the runway, stopping several flights from landing and taking off.

The army then decided to take action and camped outside the North Waziristan region in order to eradicate the source of the problem once and for all. Since then there have been several people who have moved from that area and have walked towards Pakistan in order to find a safe home.

There were rumours that at least 100,000 IDPs opted for Afghanistan rather than Pakistan, but Pakistani spokesman stated that these are all fabricated lies and no such thing has happened yet.