A global expert recently reported how Pakistan is a challenging ground for eradicating polio. Despite so many campaigns that have been carried out in the country, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the teams to reach out to every single child in the region so that he/she can be given the necessary medicine.

Pakistan is now one of the only few countries in the world that still carry polio – something that the country can definitely not be proud of. There are quite a lot of people who are currently residing in Pakistan and claim that polio drops should not be given to kids and mothers, because they believe that it is damaging their blood.

According to the report, “Pakistan, to be kind, remains as challenging as ever. Nothing seems to change in terms of the perennial issues of responsibility, accountability and an overall desire to bring change and look at the issue in a positive sense.”

There are still quite a lot of campaigns being carried out throughout the country, where they are trying to reach out to every single child in the region so that polio drops can be fed to them.

The challenge, however, is not the fact that all people are not being covered, but the fact that people are not willing to give polio drops to their kids.