The European Union and the United States have accelerated in the last hours the draft new sanctions on Russia after testing by proven direct military support from Moscow to Ukrainian separatist rebels. This was jointly agreed Monday in phone conversation between U.S. president, Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President François Hollande, and the head of the Italian Government, Matteo Renzi.

After that contact, the five leaders expressed “their intention to take further action against Russia,” according to a brief statement released by the Elysee afternoon. The text indicates that the five heads of state and government kept a close watch ” on any direct military support that Russia could bring the separatists during the fighting.”

Telephone contact and release occur the day after the U.S. authorities under which disseminate photographs of multiple launch rocket systems were used to bomb from Russian territory controlled by the Ukrainian Army near the Russian border areas.

The Elysee text adds that, despite all the calls made to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, the five leaders have to lament that “Russia has not sufficiently pressured to decide separatist negotiate or to take the requested measures to ensure control of the Russian -Ukrainian border. ” In any case,  the five highlighted again the need for a “political solution to the current crisis.”

So far, it has been the United States that has adopted tougher measures against Russia, always in the economic field. In Europe, however, there have been various stresses when taking stronger positions, as required for months the Eastern EU. In addition, the option to go further against Moscow has also led to heated debates between France and the UK, among others. While Paris says the option of acting against the London Russian oligarchs established in the British capital, UK has publicly lamented that France is about to deliver to Russia two warships built in French shipyards, a fact also publicly criticized by Washington. If sanctions against Moscow are increasing and reaching the arms embargo, Paris will face significant political and financial problem.