It was recently reported from Islamabad that all the Muttahida Qaumi Movement people, who are a part of the National Assembly, decided to walk out after they were told that Farooq Sattar’s house was raided by the Rangers.

Recently it was approved that Rangers are allowed to search houses without a search warrant. Farooq Sattar came out in the open and claimed that his house was raided and his party workers were arrested while his licensed 9mm pistol was also taken away from him. Due to this incident, all the MQM personnel part of the National Assembly decided to walk out.

On the other hand, a representative of the Rangers claimed that no such incident has taken place. He stated how they were conducting an operation in PIB colony because they were after two criminals named Shamshad and Ahmed Yasir. Both of them were arrested along with weapons.

The spokesperson said that no Ranger entered the premises of Dr Farooq Sattar and in fact the operation took place two streets away from his house.

Whatever the truth may be, the party has walked out of the National Assembly, boycotting it unless a strict action is taken against what has happened.