The Investigation Commission recently found out the real reason behind the Sea View incident which took place recently. 39 people have been reported dead so far as the Sea View managing authority is still trying to recover bodies.

The first thing which the Investigation Commission found out was the fact that Section 144 was not implemented until the 31st of July. The application which has been submitted by the Police claimed that they had submitted the application on the 28th of August, but this date was later found to be forged. In fact, they submitted the application on the 31st of August, after the incident took place on the 29th of August.

This means that the Police are the first guilty party that is involved in the whole scenario. Secondly, it was recently found out that near the shopping malls, certain amount of sand was extracted out so that those malls could be built. Now the investigation commission wants to know the people who are responsible for approving such a thing. Due to the removal of sand from the beach, people could not survive the wave as they drowned into the holes left due to the extraction of sand from a particular area.