The Israeli army confirmed Tuesday that all its ground troops have already left the Gaza Strip before eight in the morning (local time), coinciding with the entry into force of the ceasefire 72 hours also observed by the Palestinian factions. The military has been ” redistributed into defensive positions,” that will ” hold” the government guarantees to allow a calm progress of the negotiations. The ground offensive in Operation Margin Protector, was activated on 17 July with the ultimate goal of ending tunnels that militias had built joining the two territories under the border, which according to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Neyantahu, posed a ” tremendous threat to the safety of citizens.” Peter Lerner, spokesman of the Army, reported this morning that they have finally been destroyed 32 tunnels. Since the weekend warned that there was little more to check field.

So far the situation is calm in the Gaza Strip. According to military sources, in the last quarter of an hour before the ceasefire was a ” barrage ” of rockets launched by militias against Israeli soil. It was estimated that no less than ten, one of which hit a house in a kibbutz – Israeli – integrated agricultural communities in the Council of Shaar Hanegev, causing property damage. Four more fell in open fields -one even, went to the West Bank, Gush Etzion, and to many others it was intercepted by Iron Dome. Israel hit reply, damaging ” rocket launchers ” say military sources, located in southern Gaza. This cross, added fire finished before the ceasefire was officially initiated.

The Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al- Malki, has traveled Tuesday to The Hague to visit the International Criminal Court (ICC) in an attempt to open an investigation into “war crimes ” against the state of Israel after nearly a month of armed fighting in the Gaza Strip that have left over 1,800 Palestinians dead and 67 Israeli side.

The Palestinian foreign minister said during the meeting at the ICC that ” it is clear that Israel has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity,” according to Reuters. After the meeting, Malki said the following: “We must do everything in our power to allow the ICC bring justice to those responsible for war crimes.”

Both Palestinian militias and the Israeli government will engage in negotiations to reach a final agreement to end the conflict in the Gaza Strip, which has cost the lives of 1,830 Palestinians (75%) civilians and 67 people on the Israeli side (all but three, military). Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, was the only political leader who has appeared so far in the morning and it has to welcome the ceasefire, asking ” keep calm and make it durable.” The last truce, announced last Thursday morning by the Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry, and the UN secretary general, Ban Ki -moon takes only hours.