The administration of a a Chinese city of Karamay in the Xinjiang region has banned people with long beards and wearing veils to board the buses, Karamay Daily reported on Monday August 4, 2014. People violating the rules will be reported to police for prosecution. Authorities in Urumqi had banned carrying water bottles and cigarette lighters on buses in July to deter violent attacks.

Authorities in Karamay has prohibited five types of passengers including those with long beards and who wear veils, head scarves, a loose-fitting garment called a jilbab, clothing with the crescent moon and star from traveling on the buses.

The decision to ban Muslims from boarding the buses during an athletic event during the month of August is aimed at preventing violent attacks.

Karamay administration has asked people to report anyone attempting to violate the rules to the police for prosecution.

Unrest in Xinjiang has caused deaths of hundreds of people during the past year and half and authorities blame Muslim separatists behind the violence. 

On the other hand Muslims claim that repressive measures by the government are provoking unrest in the region.

Xinjiang capital Urumqi banned travelers to carry water bottles and cigarette lighters on buses in July this year to prevent violence.