Palestine is currently in a state of war with Israel as they are trying to take over Gaza and have started a proper ground attack. More than 1900 Palestinians have already lost their lives and Israelis are willing to pour more Palestinian blood. However, Hamas and Israeli army has currently approved a 3-day ceasefire.

So far only 3 Israeli civilians have died with 60 soldiers. On the other hand, several innocent children and women have died in the process of this war as Israel is acting like a war criminal and not abiding by the rules of war.

During this 3-day ceasefire, both the parties are resting while the innocent children of Palestine are take a peaceful nap as they will not waking up due to the sound of missiles. However, Palestinians are now scared for their lives as they believe that this 3-day ceasefire is only giving time to Israel to prepare a more lethal attack on Gaza. They believe that now the Israeli army will come back stronger and they will shed more blood.

Not a single Muslim country has sent an army to help the people of Palestine. They are currently only relying on Hamas, that is the only army that Palestine has.