The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the population of this region received with joy on Friday against American bombing jihadist militia of the Islamic State (EI) in northern Iraq. Kurdish and Iraqi military announced that seek to exploit these attacks to regain ground lost to the jihadists. ” We thank the [ American President ] Barack Obama,” he told the BBC Khalid Jamal Alber, a senior KRG. “These last few days were very nervous. Islamic State is very strong and is well equipped, ” told Agence France Presse Karwan Ahmed, a taxi driver in Erbil, the capital of the KRG. ” This is good news.”

American fighters attacked several positions Friday jihadists in northern Iraq, according to Kurdish sources on the ground and confirmed by the Pentagon. Obama had authorized limited intervention for humanitarian purposes and to protect American interests; and there is a consulate in Erbil and US military advisers and offices of oil companies in this country.

After the bombings, security forces, known as peshmerga, Kurdistan region and Iraqi army troops under command of Central Government hoped to resume territory ceded to the jihadists in recent days, as stated by the Chief of Staff Army.

Meanwhile, jihadists maintained a defiant attitude. ” The planes attack strategic positions they believe, but we do not work well, we are trained for urban warfare,” said a member of the EI. ” God is with us and our promise is paradise. When we are promised Paradise, will you believe that death will stop us? “he added. The jihadists took Thursday Mosul Dam, of great strategic value because it provides water and energy to this city and Baghdad, the two largest in the country.

Taking Christian areas and Yazidis in northern Iraq by the EI has displaced more than 200,000 people who fled before the arrival of jihadists, according to UN figures. Most are Christians but about 30,000 are members of the Yazidi minority of zoroástrisca religion, still trapped with little food or water in the mountains of Sinjar, after another 11,000 were rescued Friday by the Peshmerga.

Dozens of people, mostly children and the elderly, have died of thirst these days. After the bombings of Friday, the United Nations will try to open a humanitarian corridor to those displaced by violence can ” escape the threatened areas,” according to a press Nickolay Mladenov, head of the UN in Iraq.

In the last hours, American and Iraqi aircraft have attempted to deliver water and supplies to those trapped in the mountains. For its part, Turkey has sent trucks with humanitarian assistance and announced that it has obtained permission to build a camp for displaced people in Iraq.