Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf chief, Imran Khan, was summoned by Lahore High Court regarding the long march and the fact that he should go on with two-way talks with the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif.

The political rivals of the current government are of the opinion that rigging is an act which is against democracy and they believe that it is the democratic right for the people to have this long march so they can have free and fair elections.

Currently Imran Khan’s party lost to PML-N after the elections took place. PTI now argues that clear rigging took place in different constituencies throughout the country and claims that there should be a vote recount or the elections should take place all over again.

In order to place his demands, Imran Khan has now stated that he is going to walk into Islamabad and stage a protest against the government. The government can then listen to his demands regarding the electoral reforms and only then he is willing to stop the staged protest.

However, PML-N has installed containers and has blocked all ways to enter Islamabad. The capital city is now sealed and PTI is not being allowed to stand for what they believe to be true.  

Court has claimed that it is PTI’s democratic right to stage protests.