The former president of Pakistan, General (retired) Pervez Musharraf, is back on the news after he was sick for several months.

The former president of Pakistan was trialled for treason against the country after he deployed a coup against Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz when they took over the government back in 1999.

Musharraf is now coming into the picture as many thought that he might want to leave the country. However, after he was released from the court, he has stated that he will not be leaving Pakistan and plans to stay in the country in order to bring about positive reforms.

The former army General is famous for his economical turnaround in the country as many claim that Musharraf was the one who showed Pakistan the light in trying times. Now he wants to run his own political party in order to help run the country.

Musharraf was expected to stand up for elections as he formed his own political party but he was kept under house arrest and then dragged to court, due to which he could not compete the way he wanted to.

In recent news he has stated that he will soon be back to help Pakistan survive as a nation. The Pakistani leader has not yet given out a clear view on the current situation of the country but he has stated that he is currently against Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz.