A year and a half after the death of Martin Trayvon triggered massive protests from the black community in the United States, the case of another young unarmed black died from a shot has reignited tempers. Martin, 17, died in 2012 in the State of Florida with a shot to the heart when a neighborhood vigilante exercised its right to self-defense, as certified a a jury year ago, which caused a wave of indignation in the street. The victim is now Michael Brown, 18, who died Saturday in a poor suburb of Saint Louis (Missouri) from several shots of a police officer.

The young man’s death has sparked anger in Ferguson, a town of 21,000 inhabitants located 16 miles north of downtown Saint Louis. The suburb, populated mostly by African Americans lived on Monday the third consecutive day of unrest.

The incident took place early Saturday afternoon. The County Police says a police officer whose identity has not been maintained had ” an encounter with two individuals ” and that Brown pushed him inside his vehicle, ” attacked ” and fought for his gun. The agent responded with several fatal shooting of the young. However, family and neighborhood residents question the entire police report and claim that the agent is processed considering that acted out of racist motives. Brown was not armed.

Given the growing tension in Ferguson and seeking to avoid a new case Trayvon Martin, the federal government has been quick to intervene. The FBI said Monday that it has opened an investigation of the facts and the attorney general, Eric Holder, said the shooting ” deserves a full review.” The division of respect for civil rights Justice Department will participate in the investigation, along with local police and federal.

“Aggressively pursuing investigation in incidents like this is essential to preserve the trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve,” Holder said in a statement. Mayor Ferguson, James Knowles, applauded the FBI will monitor the investigation into the death of the young to ensure their impartiality, and vandals attacked.

In recent years the tension between the police and the population of Ferguson has increased. The racial component is undoubtedly a key factor. About two-thirds of the residents of this bedroom community of Saint Louis are black, according to census data. While only three of the 53 police officers Ferguson are black. In parallel, a quarter of the population lives below the federal poverty level.

According to a 2013 attorney general of Missouri, Ferguson Police stopped and arrested black drivers nearly twice times more than whites. Brown’s death has unleashed a wave of anger and resentment, by frequent racial discrimination allegedly by security forces, accumulated over a long time.

“The Ferguson Police just executed my son,” read the banner on Sunday carrying young stepfather, who on Monday was scheduled to start his first day of college. In a press conference, Brown ‘s mother said it was a ” sweet, not creating problems ” guy and ” did not want to hurt anyone.”

Since Saturday, hundreds of people protested peacefully in Ferguson by the death of young, chanting slogans such as ” No justice, no peace ” and “End of the police murderers.” The vigil of prayers and speeches on Sunday in honor of Brown ran becoming violent, looting unleashed in numerous shops and clashes with security forces, who arrested 32 people. Two officers were injured. On the facade of a market someone wrote: ” The only good cop is a dead cop.”

On Monday morning the peaceful protests of hundreds of people at a police station, watched closely by a large security were repeated. And at night a crowd gathered in front of a grocery store, which was burned by protesters on Sunday, and tried to cut the street. The police attacked them and threw tear gas at them, reports the Daily Dispatch Saint Louis. Most stores closed earlier than usual or not at opened Monday.