The stage is said and the reports are confirmed, the government does not want Imran Khan to carry out the long march on 14th of August and for that reason they have deployed containers all around the capital city so people cannot enter Islamabad.


Reports suggest that the government has given orders to the police so that they can completely seal Islamabad today. They claim that whatever Imran Khan is trying to carry out is against democracy and Pakistan is currently struggling as the army is waging war on the Western border.

The ruling party, PML-N has stated that they are trying their level best to save this country but Imran Khan is trying to set the situation in such a way that the army takes over.

Pakistan is currently experiencing trying times as all the political parties have rallied themselves up against the current ruling body. They claim that whatever the current Pakistani government has done is against democracy and killing 14 workers of Tahir ul Qadri’s political party was inhumane and definitely something for which the current Prime Minister or at least the Chief Minister should resign.

Imran Khan is not willing to back down in any case and is trying his best to carry out this long march.