Pakistan is currently going through a trying period as democracy is struggling against the opposition party. The current government, PML-N, was involved in a few incidents where the opposition believes that they stand wrong and should resign. On the other hand, PML-N is of the opinion that they have done nothing wrong and the opposition has no right to protest against things they don’t have any proof of.


Therefore, Imran Khan, along with his political party, Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf, is willing to conduct a long march, also being labelled as “Azaadi March” on the 14th of August. The Prime Minister has already given orders against this march and claimed that it is against democracy. For this the government has also installed containers all around the capital city. This means that all entries in Islamabad are blocked and people cannot enter or leave.

 However, Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri are both adamant that they will be walking into Islamabad to protest, which they believe is their political right.

Due to this political unrest, recent reports have claimed that Pakistan’s current stock market is falling down. In fact, it is being said that this political situation has the potential to make the stocks crumble.