Turkey is considering easing the rules of processing of applications for work permits for foreign workers and investors to attract more foreign expertise and investment in the Turkish economy, reported Hurriyat Daily News on August 12, 2014. The new work permit policy will be geared towards education levels and available investment.

It is reported from Ankara, Turkey that Turkey is making the visa application process less complex to speed up the decision making process for work permits for foreign nationals.

According to the plan prepared by the Economy Ministry, the new application selection criteria will put more emphasis on the level of the education of the foreign national. Preference to foreign investors will depend on the availability of the money to be invested in Turkey.

Turkey is also expected to try to resolve the problems experienced by the foreign investors visiting Turkey to attend the business meetings as board members of their business based in Turkey to encourage more investment into the country.

Over the period spanning from 2009 to 2013, about 65,000 foreign nationals were granted work permits out of 100,000 applications. Turkey wants to increase the number of foreign workers coming to the country and the proposed changes are first step towards that goal.